Power Your Firm to the Future of Retirement

Ten years ago, it was the independent advisor’s job to be the expert on creating and maintaining a competitive retirement plan. Now new and confusing products are entering the market, legislation and regulation are changing constantly and economic pressures are threatening your role as the self-sufficient retirement expert.

Wrapping your mind around new opportunities like cryptocurrency and lifetime income and how they fit into your responsibilities under ERISA can be too much to juggle while serving your clients! Especially when they’re looking to you to be the expert on these topics as soon as they hear about them.

The answer you’re looking for isn’t in another long-winded, boring whitepaper. Get a sneak peek at your new secret weapon…

Introducing The Navigator

This dynamic training platform, you’ll have access to materials that form a foundational governance framework you can scale across your clients. We’ve created educational plan sponsor guides as well as tools and templates to help you stay up-to-date in the ever-changing retirement industry. No more scrambling to research, edit and print new whitepapers every time you meet with a client, or there’s a change in regulation!

The greatest advantage of the Navigator is the systems and structure it creates for fast and flexible decision-making. Each component of the Navigator works together, so you’ll know exactly how to implement changes throughout your business if and when you decide to add or change services.

Don't compromise on quality or compensation

Some advisors are rebuilding major aspects of their firms to keep up with industry changes while helping existing clients evolve their plans. And it’s hard to find user-friendly training and materials that aren’t tailored for one service or provider. These aren’t sustainable solutions! 

Let us do the research on what’s coming next and break it down into digestible training and resources so that you can stay ahead of the curve. Learn how you can use the Navigator to add value to your business while simplifying and streamlining your governance framework.