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Reimagining Retirement | Episode 2

Chief Solutions Officer Bonnie Treichel, with Lisa Kottler, Sullus Retirement, and Michael Muirhead, Jr., FI360 Solutions, shared their views on changes affecting the 401(k) world in Reimagining Retirement They discussed major factors that will transform the retirement industry, including the coverage gap, emerging technologies and customization.

Key Takeaways

Only 98% of US companies offer retirement plans

Most retirement plans aren’t built for small businesses. So employers with less than 100 employees can’t offer this benefit. It will take new types of products to serve these potential clients.

SECURE Act 2.0 biggest thing since ERISA

Because the industry doesn’t offer products to small businesses, the government is filling the gap. SECURE Act 2.0 will require businesses with more than 10 employees to automatically enroll employees in a 401(k) plan. This legislation also gives employers tax breaks to set up 401(k) plans, among several other provisions.  SECURE 2.0 is expected to pass in late 2022.

New technology broadens services

Distributing these new products will require a different distribution infrastructure. Emerging technologies will allow financial service companies to mass-produce customized solutions. Kottler recommended books “Innovator’s Dilemma” and “Think Again” to better understand how technology will affect the future.

One size doesn’t fit all

Emerging technologies will also ensure solutions fit participants’ (or employees’) needs by including their data, such as retirement date and income. These tools will continually review accounts, allowing advisors to make recommendations in real-time.

Together, these changes will create enormous opportunities for financial advisors to help more clients and grow their businesses.

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