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Reimagining Retirement | Episode 5

On June 20, 2023, Bonnie Treichel, Chief Solutions Officer at Endeavor Retirement, hosted the 5th episode of Reimagining Retirement: Is Social Media Marketing a Distraction or an Opportunity? The episode included three thought leaders in the social media and marketing space: Andy Hudson, Managing Director at 401kChampions.com; Christina Tunison, CPFA, AIF®, an LPL Financial Advisor & Retirement Plan Consultant; and Sheri Fitts, Speaker, Creator, Consultant at Sheri Fitts & Co. The presenters addressed social media strategy, including how to elevate your prominence on social media platforms and tools for measuring return on investment.

Key Takeaways

In an era dominated by digital platforms and virtual connectivity, social media’s influence on our lives and businesses cannot be overstated. While the panel generally agreed that social media can be intrusive if not properly managed and return on investment can be hard to measure, the panel’s consensus was unquestionably that social media can be an impactful tool. The panel further agreed that in many ways, social media marketing is indispensable. The panel provided lots of pointers, including these key takeaways.

Understand Your Business’s Marketing Needs

Andy Hudson emphasized the importance of understanding your business first, then figuring out where social media fits within your overall sales strategy; this ensures that social media efforts align with your business objectives and target audience as well as allocation of resources. Andy discussed the importance of understanding both primary and secondary efforts where primary efforts are those outbound, proactive calls to prospects, for example, and secondary efforts include use of LinkedIn and social media, for example.

Seize Opportunities

Christina Tunison encouraged financial services professionals to jump into social media marketing, as “missed opportunities yield no results.” Taking calculated risks and actively engaging with social media platforms can open doors to new connections and opportunities.

Embracing Technology

Sheri Fitts noted that age is not a reason to shy away from embracing technology and social media. “If you call yourself a 21st-century leader, you best be using 21st-century tools…” to remain relevant in a digital world.

There’s an App for That!

Our panelists highlighted various tools for implementing social media effectively, including Hootsuite, Otter.ai, Vidyo.ai, AuthoredUp, and Canva. These tools can streamline content creation, enhance engagement and amplify the impact of social selling efforts.

The Value of Connection and Establishing Trust

The panelists all emphasized that social selling goes beyond transactional relationships. It is about building connections, establishing trust and leveraging personal stories and beliefs to create a genuine emotional connection with clients and prospects. In sum, advisors can leverage the power of social selling by understanding their business, seizing opportunities and taking actionable steps. By embracing social media strategically and fostering human connection and trust, sales professionals can unlock new avenues of growth and engagement, transforming their sales strategies and thriving in the digital age. Remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so take that leap and harness the power of social selling to elevate your sales success!

Additional Resources

Checkout these additional resources from the expert panelists: Sheri Fitts is hosting her SWAY Live event in San Diego on August 7-9. If you would like to attend, please take advantage of Endeavor’s exclusive discount by using code “Endeavor” to save $100 off of the registration fee (through July 31). Be sure to watch the full recap and be on the lookout for your invitation to attend the next Reimagining Retirement event. See you there!

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